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Dubem Kizito

The tech industry needs you now more than ever.

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A lot of times, people come to me seeking knowledge or assistance in getting a job and I am always able to give them what I have and know. What do I know?

There is no such thing as unemployment in the technology sector today, what we have is technical unemployment.

Before you get all argue-y, google the term “technical unemployment”. You will simply find that what we are witnessing is an evolution of the job or white-collar industry. It is no longer what we thought it was or what our…

A career guide for new devs and designers

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Hello, friends, If you are reading this you might be one of our new recruits and I say welcome to you. If not, you can still go ahead and read the guide really. It applies to anyone going into the web design and development career.

Somehow, someway you stumbled unto the adventurous world of web design and development, maybe through a friend who inspired you, you want to build a product, the need to earn a living, or just pure curiosity. …

Why organization is a strong ingredient for success

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Prior to reading Napoleon hill’s Think and Grow Rich, the words, organize, and organization translated as the task you know you should do but can’t get your self to and big business. However, it is more than this. Organizing is more than just the way it is said, you must take it seriously because it is one strong characteristic of successful people.

It all starts when you have an idea. But an idea doesn’t come fully formed. You must sit and bring the pieces together. …

What happens when you consider work, life, and your life, work

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It is common that when you start working, you would have some lesson on work-life balance or sorry life-work balance as the consultants say. But what happens when you consider your work, life, and your life, work. This is a case of “Jobby” (At least that is what I am calling it). It is when your hobby is actually your job. I know what you are thinking now, you think it can only be luck, such people are lucky. …

Your best impression

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Throughout my career, I have had several personal websites, all having several purposes. Some were used as a personal blog, others were used as a personal portfolio to showcase all my works. I have hosted them on several domains such as “”, “”, “” and so many others. I usually just let the domains expire. But this time I decided to take a more deliberate approach to make a personal website that would serve me better.

Your Style

  1. Font: There are a lot of free fonts you can use from Google fonts. My personal favorites include Muli…

Having troubles generating front-end ideas, no problem.

People often ask me what the secret to my design is, and I always reply them, “Try looking at 500 designs a day”. I probably expose myself to more than that, but it’s easy especially with endless scrolling websites.

  1. Product Hunt: This is where I go to mingle with other makers. Everyday new products are released on product hunts where their creators can get feedback and be up-voted.
  2. Dribbble: After Product Hunt, this is my best place to get inspiration. It’s like the Instagram for designs. Most designs published on dribble are well…

What would you do with you salary if you don’t need it to survive?

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A lot of us wage earners don’t have come to terms with pay day, making budget and allocations to manage your income all through the month, with hopes to have a little left to save at the end of the month. Why that is fine and prudent, I will suggest to you a radical approach to making more out of your paycheck.

First you must understand that earning wages doesn’t exempt you from the entrepreneurship journey. For me an entrepreneur is someone who sees value and…

All thanks to YouTube, YouTubers, the Internet and no CS degree.

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Story Story…

At age 7, my Dad was gifted a desktop computer by one of his business partners, but since he was a “computy” person, his mobile phone was fine for him. He left the computer at home and you know what followed. Prior to the computer landing at my home, the only experience I had of a computer was the five minutes session you had with the school computer where you get the life changing opportunity to watch bill gates video and type your name on the notepad…

Seemingly obvious things junior developers and designers miss when applying to Jobs.

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Working from an early stage of a startup has given me opportunities to apply for work and also to review other people’s applications. I must say it is usually a case of “He/She is the perfect candidate but this little thing is big enough to disqualify Him/Her, next”.

  1. Attitude matters, I have interviewed very proficient developers and designers who wanted to correct every sentence I made during the interview. I know I don’t know much, but dude calm down, don’t be arrogant about your technical or design proficiency.

with or without inspiration

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For a while I have been writing on a daily basis, starting from my team blog at, which we had to take down for technical reasons and now I am here on medium. Medium has always been a wonderful place for learning, it is a community of writers that do deep work to provide solutions. From tutorials, to reviews to self help articles, you can find it all on or use the mobile App.

If you have been wondering how I write daily, here are some tips to help you get started despite creative…

Dubem Kizito

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